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CDC CRM software reduces the learning curve for software and enhances the speed of user adoption. That particular software includes marketing automation, leads management, sales force management

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25 Feb 2016



If the nature of your business is such that you have to be on the go for the most part of the week, you might be finding it increasingly difficult to keep tabs on your employees in your absence. Since now is no time to trust any of the employees no matter how long they have been serving, staff monitoring is indeed a hassle but a priority nevertheless. To save your time, energy and resources; get some help from staff monitoring applications.

Why Staff Monitoring Should Bother You?

If you think that you have hired personnel to administer other employees and that they will carry out their tasks perfectly well then you are overlooking a glaring aspect: who will monitor those who are hired to monitor others? And this is a commonly held notion that the supervisors tend to become less productive as they are left with little challenging tasks to keep them busy. And besides, you really have to watch out if any of your employees are leaking out company secrets to outsiders.

How to Cope Up With It?

If you have got worried then breathe easy. The solution is within your grasp, is cost-effective and has fool-proof results: use staff monitoring applications. These applications can be secretly installed on the company-owned smartphones of the employees and give the user a remote access to all data saved on the target phone(s). Therefore you can manage all your staff from one dashboard without having to rely on so many people.

StealthGenie- A Good Enough Option?

While we’re at the staff monitoring applications, there is one app that I’d like to name- StealthGenie. I discovered it some two years back and since then, StealthGenie and I have had a joyful journey. I tested it myself and have recommended to other employers/supervisors. Most of them have got along with the Genie nicely. Despite some rare bugs, I could not find any critical issue with the Genie so far.

The Genie’s Staff Monitoring Expertise

StealthGenie has got all the features that you’d require for staff monitoring. It will let you have a crystal clear idea about all the correspondence your employees exchange with others along with call logs. You can even listen to the phone surroundings and know the exact locations.

The Ball Is in Your Court!

StealthGenie basically has got it all covered but you’d have to buy StealthGenie to know it best! I’d recommend that you get StealthGenie staff monitoring application right away and get your peace of mind back!

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04 Mar 2013

Employees are simple and easy to get along kind of people; aren’t they? Well, I am sure 90% of the employers would disagree with me. Most employers feel that their employees are a menace and they would turn their office in to a circus if not kept an eye on. Well, this thing could actually be true but what to do about it then? The easiest of solutions here is to use the help of an employee monitoring app and keep a close eye on your employees at all times.


Employee monitoring is made fairly easy once you have the services of a monitoring software StealthGenie. This app works excellently with all the latest iPhone models up to iPhone 5. BlackBerry Bold, Pearl, Touch, Torch, Storm and other models with OS 4.6 or above that are fully compatible with StealthGenie. Even Android phones from Samsung, Google, Motorola, Sony and other giant companies are fully supported with this monitoring app.

How To Start:

To start with this app, you must connect to the internet and sign-up for an account with this monitoring app. After this you will be provided with a Log-in ID and Password. Download this app inside your employee’s cell phone and use your log-in details to gain unlimited access to everything that is stored inside the cell phone of your employee.

Contact Details And Phone Calls:

Complete details of the entire phone numbers present inside your employee’s cell phone are shown to you with the help of this monitoring app. Employers may even access all the phone call records of their employees. You even have the option to record all the calls or record any particular call if you want to.

Record Surroundings And Phone Data:

You get to record all the sounds that are surrounding the cell phone of your employees. This feature is called ‘Live surroundings’. Even all the pictures, audio files and video files stored inside the cell phone of employees are shown to employers with StealthGenie’s help.  

Care Free Monitoring:

To avoid any uncomfortable situation from even arising, you need to monitor your employees pretty closely, at all times. This task is made fairly easy if you use the services of a phone spy app. So relax now and leave your employee monitoring for StealthGenie to handle.

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25 Feb 2013
StealthGenie cell phone locator might not be new to your ears. It is creating quite a stir in the market lately. But there are some parents and employees out there who don’t know the real potential of this phone locator app and simply use for meager monitoring purposes. What they fail to grasp is that this is an advanced phone locator capable of much more. So here is what StealthGenie really holds for you:


The Benefits of Cell Phone Locator:

There are many benefits of cell phone locator if you properly utilize its strength. You can stay in the know and keep posted on what your kids or employees or anyone who matters to you does in your absence. You can monitor them to:

  • Ensure their safety
  • Check if they use their phones for illegal activities
  • Know about their whereabouts
  • Rule out employee(s)/ kid(s) cheating on you
  • Salvage their phone data in case of phone theft or damage                                         

Why Many Prefer StealthGenie:

Back to StealthGenie- this cell phone locator is in high demand and when I talked to its CEO to share sales data, I say it was pretty impressive. As I tested the app for about 6 months in a row, I came to know StealthGenie closely. This app has a lot of potential and is a leading cell phone locator already.                                                                        

What's So Special About It?:

It’s not that I have blindly fallen in love with StealthGenie- it does have merits. StealthGenie has something that other lack: innovation and sheer determination to stay on the top. They have proved that they are different because:

  • StealthGenie happens to be the pioneer of iPhone 5 cell phone locator app.
  • It supports all Android phones including latest OS Jelly Bean.
  • It offers phone surrounding recording, trigger alerts, iMessage, WhatsApp and Gmail app monitoring exclusively.  
  • Other features include SMS, e-mails, chats, and GPS tracking. You can also monitor location history, web browsing history and gallery items, too.

Is It Cost effective, Too?

I’d say it is cost-effective. It starts from $8 per month and has three different subscription packages- Basic, Gold and Platinum with different assorted features.  

My Suggestion, Your Decision!

I’d suggest that StealthGenie cell phone locator is a good option and is preferred by many parents and employees across the world. But obviously the decision rests with you. So think over it and make a wise decision that will suit your tracking needs.

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18 Feb 2013
We all love using WhatsApp- it’s fun, it’s swift and it’s free! Sending messages and pictures across to our friends and loved one is so easy using WhatsApp. But did you give it a second thought? Did you take into account how teens can use it the wrong way

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19 Dec 2012

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